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This is an internet page where I will share everything I deem worthy with to whomever would come across and decide to read it! I plan to use this site as a journal, I love reading, playing video games, listening to music and watching sitcoms. These four activities are mostly what I do all day and I will be writing about them on this space. My favorite pokemon is chimchar

This new index went through a lot, as of writing this I still don't have a final page at hand but hopefully, I delivered something nice


25/06/23 I did the skeletons of each page but i need to find/make graphics and such

24/06/23 *taps mic* Hello, remaking my index dayy.. 8? This is taking way longer than expected and i'm embarassed about it.

21/03/2023 Added the gamelog redirect, the gamelog itself isn't complete yet however

23/10/2022 done small tweaks to my index! added a blog link to the nav bar though i am yet to code the blog page itself!

04/09/22 revamping my index...

20/08/22finished the main layout of music page it took me sometime becaus i had to redo it ...

16/08/22 almost ?! finished witj links page, its going to be an ongoing page where i will update as i collect more links and such

16/08/22 Added a links page! It's still not complete unfortunately.

12/08/22 added an interests page!! almost done w the about page sighh of relief...

12/08/22 added...... iframe to about me page.....barfs...... iwas ripping my hair out .. . and i still cant style the scrollbar for some reason ALSO neocities is slow as HELL!!!!!! it takes forever to update sniff...

08/11/22 added an about me page! check it out! NOW!!!

08/09/22 changed the selection color, its a small detail that might go unnoticed but i really like it attention to detail like that makes my site feel special to me

08/09/22 added text to the mainbox! read to learn more abt ME the webmaster.. idk if i should call myself that though i wouldnt rlly consider myself a master of web

08/08/22 im paying attention to keeping my code very clear this time

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Every few months after completing my site, I get the urge to re-do my site, first time I did it, I remade my homepage because i thought my index was empty and a lacked content because while making my first layout, I was held back due to the fact that I was semi-new to coding and didn't have that many tricks up my sleeve to imagine or execute the nicest site... read more